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Welcome to the Passiontechnique.com website. The English version of this site is still a work in progress. Thanks for your patience. Please have a look at our pictures pages in the meantime. If you have any questions of comments, don't hesitate to ask us. Thanks a lot for your visit ! The passiontechnique.com team

TOYOTA LJ70 Rallye-Raid

La préparation dans nos ateliers d'un TOYOTA LJ70 pour le Rallye-Raid. Première course, le 10e Berlin-Breslau !

Berlin-Breslau Rally

Passiontechnique.com prepared and followed the #210 TOYOTA LJ70 during the last Berlin-Breslau adventure rally. You will find here a number of pictures and videos of the rally and its surroundings. Enjoy a ride along the Germany-Poland border !

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L'image de la semaine

Formula Offroad, Oslo, 2004


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